July 30, 2016

Twitter Chats and Pokemon Stop! - HoET066

Twitter Chats and Pokemon Stop! - HoET066

The new studio is open for business and my wife crashed the party to talk Twitter Chats and Pokemon Go!

Feedback, Shoutouts, and Links

#EdTech Thought

  • #1 – The Twitter Chat
    • Why don’t more districts have their own Twitter chats?
  • Pokemon Go? I say Pokemon Stop.

#EdTech Recommendation

  • Lesson Plan Tool For Docs
    • Search for K-12 teaching resources to add to your google document. The Google Docs Lesson Plan Tool gives you access to all the resources of opened.com and makes it simple to integrate into your document. Search for videos, games, assessments, and more. You will also see resources aligned to standards and grade levels along with an effectiveness score to help you chose the right resource.
    • With Lesson Plan Tool for Docs enabled you can search for standards-aligned lesson plan resources within your Google Documents. To perform a search simply open the add-on then select a standard from the drop-down menu that appears on the right-hand side of your document. You can preview any of the resources that appear in the search by simply clicking on them and opening them in a new tab. When you find a resource that you like, you can click again to add it into your document.
  • Vizia – Create Interactive Video Quizzes
    • Vizia is a free tool for creating video-based quizzes. On Vizia you can import a video from YouTube or from Wistia and then add questions along the timeline of the video. You can ask multiple-choice questions as well as short answer/ open-response questions. Adding a poll question into the video is also a possibility in Vizia. All of the responses to your questions are collected in a spreadsheet that you can download and or open in Google Sheets.
    • You can sign-up with your Google account or with your name and email.

House of #EdTech VIP

Cassie Reeder – A third-grade teacher in Richardson, Texas. She has a Masters in Elementary Education with a specialization in Educational Technology.

Cassie Reeder’s passion is working with technology to engage and expand student experiences by creating connections between classroom content and the real world.

Cassie has 5 years of teaching experience at the elementary level in 3rd and 4th grade. Aside from working to engage and inspire her students through the integration of technology into her daily curriculum, Cassie has spent time during her teaching career training and teaching other teachers which allowed her to find her true passion.

She volunteers in her district as a Google Guide as well as presenting at various conferences and Edcamps around Texas.

She is also an Instructional Consultant with Promethean where she has the opportunity to share those passions and further develop those skills within a school district as she trains teachers on how to use and integrate Promethean products into their daily routines.

Aside from her day job Cassie is also one of the organizers of EdCamp Global where she strives to seek out inspiring educators to facilitate in their events throughout the year.






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