Nov. 24, 2018

Pre-Service Teachers Need MORE #EdTech and #EDUMagic - HoET122

Pre-Service Teachers Need MORE #EdTech and #EDUMagic - HoET122

Dr. Sam Fecich is the author of #EDUMagic and a professor at Grove City College (PA), who works with pre-service teachers in the area of educational technology.

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  • Mike Mesner wants to know where I am at with Telegram and how OG Mr. Nesi is doing with block scheduling at his school.
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#EdTech Thought

The Digital Divide is Being Flipped – by Seth Godin

Boredom, daydreaming, a good book, building in three dimensions, interactivity with other humans–these are precious skills, skills that are being denied kids that are simply given a plate of chicken fingers and a tablet instead.

#EdTech RecommendationS

Guess the Code – for iOS

While this app is presented as a game, it is actually a great way for children to look at patterns and sequences, and try to figure them out. The app generates different color combinations, and it is up to the user to decipher the pattern and enter the next color.

Guess the Code Free includes a host of exciting features, including:

  • Great graphics and exciting sound effects
  • Configurable difficulty levels
  • “Use Letters” mode for colorblind players
  • Automatic save when you exit the app or receive a phone call

Teachers Need Teachers Podcast

Hosted by Kim Lepre, the newest member of the Education Podcast Network.

Teachers Need Teachers is the podcast for new and beginning teachers. It’s inspired by the questions beginning teachers are asking around the web, plus the questions that you didn’t know you should ask! Kim helps you clear the confusion and figure out what to focus on so that you’ll have the most positive impact in your classrooms without losing your freaking mind. Kim wants to help you navigate through those crazy first years of teaching while maintaining your sanity AND personal life!

Featured Content

Dr. Sam Fecich is a professor at Grove City College (PA), where she works with teaching preservice teachers about educational technology. During her courses, preservice teachers learn how to hone their digital presence, unite their professional learning network, create activities with technology tools that engage students in a meaningful and impactful way.

EduMagic: A Guide for Preservice Teachers (EDUMatch Publishing) sets out to challenge the thought “teaching” begins only after certification and college graduation. Dr. Fecich talks about how she’s changing that narrative for pre-service teachers.

Sam also speaks to the following topics:

  • Best strategies for developing one’s own PLN
  • Favorite tech tools/apps/resources that any teacher should consider


House of #EdTech VIP

SHARI DAWSON – is an Instructional Coordinator at Katherine Johnson Technology Magnet Academy in DeSoto, Texas.

Shari is enthusiastic about innovation in schools and preparing Ss for jobs of the 21st century!

She is a regular contributor to #edpiper – a chat that allows educators to tell their stories using our discussion pipeline. They provide topics focusing on PK-12 education which takes place weekly on Mondays at 10 PM EST.

Shari is also a lifelong learner, Wife, and Mom of 3 boys.

Connect with Shari Dawson:






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