May 21, 2023

Office Hours: More Podcasting Q&A - HoET224

Office Hours: More Podcasting Q&A - HoET224

Discover the benefits of podcasting in schools: student development, communication skills, organization, engagement. Learn how to distribute and engage the community.

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EdTech Thought (3:02)

The Power of Community for Educators:
A community is much more than a mere group of individuals; it serves as a robust support system and a platform for shared experiences and ideas. Within a community, we can find solace and encouragement during challenging times while celebrating our triumphs together. The realization that we are not alone in our struggles, achievements, and aspirations becomes a profound source of motivation.

Building a Sanctuary for Educators:
By actively building a community of educators, we create a sanctuary where knowledge is exchanged, best practices are shared, and innovative ideas are collaboratively developed. This nurturing environment becomes a wellspring of encouragement, inspiration, and the fuel that drives us to strive for excellence within our classrooms.

Benefits of Joining an Educator Community:

  1. Knowledge Exchange: In a vibrant community, educators can tap into a vast pool of knowledge and expertise. By engaging in conversations and sharing insights, we can enhance our teaching methods, discover new approaches, and refine our craft.
  2. Best Practices: Within the community, educators can share successful strategies, proven techniques, and effective classroom management skills. This collaboration allows us to learn from one another and adapt these best practices to suit our unique teaching contexts.
  3. Collaboration and Innovation: An educator community provides a fertile ground for collaboration and innovation. By working together on projects, lesson plans, and educational initiatives, we can amplify our impact and create transformative experiences for our students.
  4. Support and Encouragement: The challenges of being an educator can sometimes feel overwhelming. However, within a community, we find unwavering support and encouragement from like-minded professionals who understand our journey. This support system bolsters our resilience and empowers us to navigate through difficulties with renewed vigor.

EdTech Recommendation (8:24)

I want to introduce you to a powerful tool that is revolutionizing the way educators deliver presentations. ClassPoint is an innovative solution that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft PowerPoint, elevating your teaching experience to new heights. Let's explore how ClassPoint enhances your existing PowerPoint presentations and transforms them into dynamic and interactive learning experiences.

Transforming PowerPoint into a Dynamic Teaching Platform:
ClassPoint elevates PowerPoint from a basic presentation tool to a dynamic teaching platform. By incorporating ClassPoint into your digital lessons, you can enhance student engagement, foster interactivity, and create memorable learning experiences. Take your teaching to the next level by giving ClassPoint a try and experience the transformative power it brings to your classroom. Share your feedback and let me know how it enhances your teaching. If you're already using ClassPoint, I would love to hear from you too!

Featured Content (10:29)

In today's world, podcasting is becoming an increasingly influential tool in many educational settings. We delve deep into this topic, particularly the benefits of podcasting in schools.

This episode explores how podcasting contributes to students' development and growth in various subjects, boosting their communication and social skills. Whether you're based in Brazil like my listener Leo Calbusch, in Pennsylvania like Mike Brilla, or anywhere else in the world, this episode provides insightful answers to critical questions on the role of podcasting in enhancing student engagement and commitment.


Topics and questions addressed:

  1. What are the benefits of podcasting in school?
  2. How does it contribute to students' development and improvement in different subjects?
  3. How does it enhance their communication and social skills?
  4. Does it help them become more organized?
  5. Curious about student engagement and commitment
  6. What do they learn and what skills do they develop or improve by podcasting?
  7. Could you provide some guidance on how to distribute a podcast on major platforms such as Apple, Google, and Spotify?
  8. How regularly do you meet with your podcasting club at school?
  9. How can I introduce the concept of podcasting to students who may be unfamiliar with it?
  10. What are some engaging topics or themes that students can explore in their own podcast episodes?
  11. What roles can students take on in the production of a podcast (host, producer, editor, etc.)?
  12. How can we ensure that students' podcasts are appropriate and safe for sharing?
  13. How can we involve parents and the wider school community in our podcasting project?
  14. Can you provide any examples of successful student-led podcasts or podcasting projects in schools?








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I'm Katie Atwell co-host of the edu gals podcast a part of the education podcast
Network just like the show you're listening to now shows on the network are individually owned and opinions
expressed may not reflect others find other interesting education podcasts at coming up on episode 224 of the House of edtech I'm
going to talk about community I'm going to give you a recommendation that'll help you take PowerPoint to the
next level Yes you heard me right PowerPoint and I want to welcome you to another office hours edition of the
podcast and I'm going to do some more podcasting q a strike up the band
welcome to the house of edtech my name is Chris Nesi the house of Ed Tech launched in 2014 giving me the
opportunity to speak with teachers leaders and creators so you can more
effectively integrate technology strengthen your pedagogy and have more confidence in your classroom and school
so you can make an impact get involved with the podcast by visiting my website using
technology isn't difficult and and this is where it begins this is the house of
edtech and I'm very excited that you're here for another episode of the show if
you're a new listener welcome aboard if you're a returning listener welcome back
very excited for today's episode these episodes are fun to do because I like talking
about podcasting it's kind of my Niche and my thing and I do it a lot
in case you didn't realize this I podcast every single school day through
the podcast Club I have at my school we do a Morning Show and that's kind of going to come up later in today's
episode but I just love podcasting and from time to time I think it's important
to answer questions that I find about podcasting and there are a lot of
resources that you can go to to learn about podcasting for yourself or for
your students and I just have some things that I wanted to share in this episode and answer some questions I've
got some listeners who sent in some questions and I'm going to address those so this is going to be a very fun
episode if you're not interested in podcasting I think you should listen
anyway because it's fun and you never know when you might turn that corner and
if you've already turned that corner then hey let me know what your podcast is and what you're podcasting about with
your students alright let's get get into what I'm gonna do
um let's do the edtech thought and I'm going to talk a little bit about community and a very special
announcement [Music]
thank you for this episode's edtech thought I want to share my thoughts on something I
think is very important and that is the power of community as Educators We Begin
our careers on what is presented to us as this Noble Journey you know we're
guiding young minds we're shaping the future and we're inspiring a thirst for
knowledge but let me ask you the following who guides us who nurtures
your growth your personal development your professional development it's in
these moments of reflection that we realize the significance of building and
being a part of a community a community is not just a group of individuals it's
a support system it's a collection of shared experiences and ideas it's a
place where we can find Comfort during the challenging times as well as being able to celebrate our triumphs together
in a community we can discover that we are not alone in our struggles our
triumphs or our aspirations building a community for educators creates a
sanctuary a place where we can exchange knowledge where we can share best practices and we
can collaborate on innovative ideas it is Within These communities that we
find encouragement inspiration and the fuel to begin striving for excellence in
our classrooms this podcast is something I have been working since day one to
build community around you're a part of this house event Tech Community as a listener and I thank you for that and I
want to invite you to the house of edtech Discord but before I do that
I had alluded to this prior to the release of this episode that I had a
special announcement and this is going to be the first of two major announcements in this episode all right
but first I want you to get ready for an incredible networking event that will
involve sharing the knowledge and mouth-watering cheesesteaks that's right
the house of Ed Tech and the education podcast Network we are again going to be
live at iste here in 2023 for The Cheesesteak Meetup I want you to join me
and other Educators and education podcasters and listeners on Tuesday June
27 2023 at 5 30 PM for cheesesteaks
networking and fun let's come together at the iconic Campos just a stone's
throw away from the Pennsylvania Convention Center this Meetup promises to bring together
podcasters like myself Avid listeners like you from all corners of the
education World whether you're an established podcaster or an enthusiastic listener I want you at this Meetup if
you're going to be at iste this June I want you to immerse yourself in engaging conversations I want you to connect with
people shake hands Swap Man the stories and I want you to collaborate and talk
to each other about potential future projects that's not all again as the organizer of
this and as an extra special treat I want to let you know that if you are wearing a house of edtech t-shirt to the
Meetup your Cheesesteak is on me yes you heard that right you wear a house of
that Tech t-shirt to the Meetup and I am buying your Cheesesteak to show you my appreciation for your support of this
podcast and just because I think that's the nice and right thing to do it is as
simple as that so I don't want you to miss out on this opportunity to connect with me if we've never met face to face
or there are other education podcasters you want to connect with let them know about the Meetup I will spread the word
as far and as wide as I'm able to tell other listeners and I want you to come and enjoy some cheesesteaks and root
beer with me so mark your calendars June 27th 5 30 PM we're going to be at Campos
cheesesteaks and that's on 214 Market Street which is just a few blocks from
the Pennsylvania Convention Center I can't wait to meet you and celebrate iste and Summer and the house of Ed Tech
and podcasting with you but I would like you to RSVP so go to Meetup Chris
Meetup that link will be in the show notes and it's also a swipe or a Tap
Away inside of your podcast player come be a part of the community and if you're
not going to be at iste but you still want to connect go to Discord that's
d-i-s-c-o-r-d and join the Discord Community where we can connect and chat wherever you are and that's my attack
thought [Music]
thank you and now for the edtech recommendation for episode 224 today I
want to share something that's quickly becoming a game changer the tool is called class point class point is an
all-in-one solution that integrates directly with Microsoft PowerPoint now
what makes classpoint different is how it enhances your existing PowerPoint
presentations it can save you time from juggling between various apps during your lessons by adding Advanced
annotation and presentation tools right inside of PowerPoint this means you get
features like inking tools whiteboard slides and even the ability to search the web right from your presentation yes
it's as convenient as it sounds but where classpoint truly shines is this
interactivity it can transform your slides into interactive quizzes collecting real-time responses from your
students it even introduces a gamified element with what they call Star are
rewards which has been a hit with many teachers and students it's not just about them passively receiving
information anymore students are actively participating answering questions and earning rewards the best
part they can join via the classpoint app or any web browser making it
incredibly accessible for all students and Learners classpoint takes PowerPoint from being a basic presentation tool to
a dynamic interactive teaching platform if you're looking to enhance your digital lessons and boost engagement
give it a try let me know what you think if you're already using classpoint I
want to hear from you as well and hear about your successes and maybe anything that you've struggled with send an email
to feedback Chris and if you want to check it out go to their website and that's my recommendation [Music]
thank you all right let's dive into the featured
content for this episode which is some podcasting question and answers first the number one resource that I have for
you and it's totally free it's just a web address I don't need your email you
don't have to pay for it go to Chris School podcast Chris School
podcast on that page I have previous episodes of the show where I did a
how-to podcast mini-series which was all the way back in episodes 96 97 and 98.
why you should podcast you want a podcast now what and how to create a podcast and so much of that information
is still relevant today and a lot of that information is still exactly how I
make this very podcast I have some other episodes available as well bringing podcasts into my classroom starting a
school podcast podcasting start our school
podcast club or a network and lessons I've learned from podcasting at school
and I've got some blog post articles that link there so I can't say enough here and it's a swipe or a Tap Away
Chris slash School podcast I'm not going to get into the
microphones and the software so these are in this episode some bigger idea
questions okay that I want to address and a bunch of them came from listener
of the podcast all the way in Brazil well if you're also listening in Brazil then it's not all the way in Brazil but
from where I sit here in New Jersey all the way from Brazil Leo Cal Busch has
sent me a bunch of questions so I'm going to tackle these uh one at a time so first Leo asks what are the benefits
of podcasting in school well Leo and you who is also listening podcasting in
school is in my opinion the Ragu of Education all right now I'll be honest
podcasting is one way to present information for entertaining for
teaching uh for laughing any of those things all right so to have students
create podcast content is a great medium for students to express their
understanding or knowledge around a topic okay what are the benefits it is
not just sitting down and recording audio okay creating a podcast is the
technical aspect from recording and editing audio to graphic design web
design there's writing there's research so there's a lot which is why I go with
Ragu as my analogy you know it's the sauce with everything in it although let's be honest Ragu isn't great you got
to make it yourself that's just me as a as a New Jersey Italian okay um Leo's next question how does
podcasting contribute to students development and Improvement in different subjects well if students are able to
talk about what they're learning and they're able to talk about what they understand then that can help them
develop being able to talk about something is a clear sign that you understand something or that you know
what you're talking about okay so the more we can get students to talk about
their learning whether it's in Math Science Social Studies phys Ed Health okay uh art okay it doesn't matter the
subject because in podcasting in general there can be a podcast and there are podcasts about every single topic that's
out there you can find a podcast where just about anything and when we talk about student development it's a great
opportunity to start to get them comfortable talking to a larger audience
than just the teacher their peers in the classroom or their families because the potential is there for a podcast and
audio content to be Global and to spread to ears far and wide look at the very
House of Ed Tech you're listening to I'm answering a question from Leo who's from Brazil and reached out to me on
Instagram at House of edtech if you're not following me on Instagram um Leo also asks how does it enhance
their communication and social skills I it kind of goes without saying but this
medium is all about communication verbal articulation and expressing one's
thoughts and ideas and point of view and perspectives it's a if I go back to benefits okay podcasting is and can be
for everybody okay everybody has a unique perspective and point of view on
the world and whatever your thing is students can be podcasting about it you
can be podcasting about it uh he also asked does it help them become more organized honestly Leo I don't know if
podcasting helps people become more organized but I can't say that it can't
I mean it certainly can planning this episode right creating an outline creating notes sourcing questions
sitting down and doing the research on you know the recommendation and you know organizing it in the place where I do my
outlines certainly that helps me get organized and certainly you know when I want to create an episode I need to
think about the beginning the middle and the end so I think that yes it can is it
a guarantee it's going to help them get organized I I don't know because you could still have the uh the very
unorganized student who you know would forget their head if it wasn't screwed on uh but they could still podcast maybe
it'll help a little bit with how they get organized Leo also wants to know and he's curious about student engagement
and commitment all right the honest truth here is you will have some
students who are into this and you will have some students who could care less
and it's not going to be interesting to them they're going to think it's just another thing that their teacher is asking them to do and that can happen at
any grade level right I've experienced that I've got the podcast Club at my school but I also do some podcasting in
my classroom within the world history curriculum and some kids get into it and
some kids could care less so I think it depends on the student and it's like
anything and this is my whole philosophy on say social studies for example I can't make you love history I can't make
a student love podcasting I can only show them some skills and give them the
experience and Empower them to make their own decision about if it's something they'd ever want to do or be a
part of in the future uh Leo also wants to know what do they learn and what
skills do they develop or improve by podcasting again everything Reading Writing researching it is critical
thinking you have to plan so again podcasting is the Ragu and Leo's final
question can you provide some guidance on how to distribute a podcast on major platforms such as Apple Google and
Spotify okay so apple is the big elephant in the room once you submit a
podcast to the Apple podcast directory there are hundreds of other podcasting
apps that draw on that Apple podcast directory so once you get into apple and
you go to podcasts dot you know what let me look this up real quick podcast connect let's see I'm doing this live
why not uh go to podcasts with an S connect dot and if you want to
submit your podcast or a student podcast to the Apple directory that's where you
do it and I will link include a link to this in the show notes out at 224 but it's podcasts with an S and once you submit a podcast there you know you'll grab your RSS feed from libsyn or blueberry or if
you're using Spotify for podcasters formally known as anchor once you get
that RSS feed that's what you're submitting to Apple and that's all you need to do then wherever you're hosting your podcast you upload your podcast
episodes as you create them and then Apple podcasts will look at that RSS
feed it's kind of like your radio signal if you're a radio station and when there's something new there it'll get
distributed to the people who are following your podcast for Google and Spotify you have to manually submit and
I will include the special links to Google and Spotify for manually submitting to those two directories and
then you are off and running but the big one you want to get into is Apple podcasts Leo I want to thank you for
submitting your questions you did so on Instagram and let me know if I can share your Instagram uh here on the podcast I
don't want to just give out your Instagram here without your permission so just let me know when you hear this if I can let people know how to connect
with you on Instagram uh my next listener question comes from Mike brilla
Mike is another good podcasting friend of mine he might very well be at the
Cheesesteak Meetup at iste you never know Mike I hope you're there certainly would love to shake hands and break
Cheesesteak bread with you but Mike asks how regularly do you meet with your
podcasting Club at school well I meet every day every day that we have school
we do a Morning Show okay then once a week at least we try to do the afternoon
show and I am always looking for kids who want to be a part of either the morning show or to stay that one day
after school I was actually able to this past uh here in the I guess the spring
semester of 2023 January through May uh there was that second day that I'd
stayed after school and we're producing an all Spanish podcast called Sazon Latino and that is hosted by members of
the Hispanic culture Club at the high school that I work at and I'll include a link to this in the show notes but if
you go to zebra you can check out the zebra Morning Show which we live stream
on YouTube and releases a podcast you could check out zebra drive time which is currently if you go look we're
looking for new hosts for that program and we've got Sasson Latino which is all
Spanish so definitely check those out but I meet every day with at least the
morning show so that's a ton of fun go check it out it's a lot of fun uh shout outs to Adrian and Julian the morning
show co-hosts okay uh thank you to Leo thank you to Mike for submitting your
questions um speaking going back to for just a second let me take a tangent the idea of
community that I talked about I I'm begging and pleading with you who is
listening that when I ask for people to reach out and submit stuff please take
me up on that all right I again if I'm trying to build community around the podcast send me messages send me an
email at the minimum with questions comments feedback at Chris or
if you go to the website you can send a voice message okay definitely want you to get more involved with the show
alright now I got a couple questions here that I do want to address okay and
I Source these from various places and kind of assemble them into a good question format all right how can I
introduce the concept of podcasting to students who might be unfamiliar with it
okay one use podcasts as a teaching tool provide podcasts that are relevant
specific episodes to the content that you teach and you could assign students
to listen to it you could have listening groups you could have a listening club right so start to integrate audio based
content into your teaching and that will help students be familiar with it okay one that I strongly recommend that's
appropriate for any age group and covers so many topics is everything everywhere
daily all right AJ Bianco and I recently on an episode of podcast PD had the host
Gary on an episode of podcast PD and it was a great conversation about teaching
with podcasts okay I will put a link to that in the show notes but if you go to one two seven that's where you can find uh that episode in
conversation teach with podcasts where we had a conversation with Gary the host of everything everywhere daily but you
got to start to bring audio content into your classes next question what are some
engaging topics or themes that students can explore in their own podcast episodes that's easy whatever is
interesting to your students that's what you should encourage them to podcast about right for me it's education
technology it's the Yankees it's doing the morning show and having that that
fun and dynamic conversation with students it's the joke podcast with my
son miles so ask your students what they'd like to talk about what are they
passionate about what are their Hobbies what are their interests start there right so many assignments we give
students in school they're just not interested in they have no desire to be
interested in the topic or they're not curious about it take advantage of them in this way let them talk about what
they're interested in and what they are truly curious about give them that opportunity uh what are the roles that
students can take on in production of a podcast they could be the host they could be the scriptwriter they could be
the audio editor they could just go get sound maybe you teach your students how to do a narrative style podcast or a
storytelling type podcast where they've got to do sound effects and you know they've got to get creative with audio
okay again there are so many roles graphic design web design the host uh producer
there are so many things social media and marketing right you can have students who are promoting the show all
right getting the word out there so those are just some of the roles that kids can take on in student podcasts uh
next question how can we ensure that student podcasts are appropriate and
safe for sharing gotta listen to them okay uh you got to do some quality control right I am blessed that I have
two extraordinary Young people again in Adrian and Julian that we do the morning show and my only rule on the morning
show is you can't curse and the topics that we talk about have to be school
appropriate okay so if one or both of them do something that's you know high
school kid type fun out on the weekend we don't bring that into the on-air portion of the podcast okay so you gotta
kind of set the expectation for your students and let them know what's appropriate and what's not now if they
take the tools and they go make their own show then they are using the tools the way they want to but anything that
is school and door store your class endorsed right you just want to make sure that it is appropriate
um and the nice thing about podcasts that I've been saying this for years is because it's audio it should be much
more shareable than to put kids on video because in the audio you can't see them
they can use pseudonyms so they don't even have to use their real names it doesn't matter so you can certainly do a
lot more and share a lot more with student podcasts all right two more questions uh the next one though how can
we involve parents and The Wider School community in our podcasting project well
you got to share it with them get them to promote it so maybe it's on your school web page maybe you're posting
episodes to your Google Classroom uh depending on the age group again you don't have to necessarily get it into
Apple podcast or Spotify or Google maybe you know if you're a director of
curriculum and you want to bring podcasting into your school district you say all right engage in grades K through
four you know we're only putting these audio files on Google Drive and we're sharing them in the closed environment
that is Google classroom or sending links to parents via email and we're not widely Distributing them to a global
audience but then maybe in middle and high school you start are to expand the
boundaries that students are reaching and maybe you start to bring in community guests although having first
and second graders and any grade level student interviewing or having conversations with people who are part
of their Community is so valuable for again if we go back to Leo's questions developing communication skills and
social skills all right get kids talking to more and different kinds of people
okay and our last question that I will address in this edition of podcasting q a is can you provide examples of
successful student-led podcasts or podcasting projects in schools very
simple one link zebra podcast go check out what I'm doing
over there what my kids are doing over there at the school that I teach at and let me know what you think if you have
questions happy to get on a call with you and talk podcasting or how you can do something similar are at your school
or in your district and again the number one resource I can direct you to that I
offer is Chris School podcast that's going to have this
episode there shortly after I post it and it's also got links to software
Hardware um certainly that's a good way to support the podcast if you buy anything
through my affiliate links for the different sites so definitely check that
out and also reach out to other podcasters that you know okay and I'm
sorry if you're listening to podcasts that have no desire to interact with you but I do want to interact with you okay
so send me an email feedback Chris or you could send me a
voicemail and life will be good I want to thank you for listening to this
edition of office hours more podcasting q a
thank you [Music]
thanks for listening to this episode of the House of edtech podcast show notes are a swipe or a tap away in
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get the most value out of the show everything's out in the show notes I love hearing from my listeners and I
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with questions for this episode so if you've got questions I could make entire episodes that revolve around your
questions or it'll give me a little something to talk about within an episode feel free to send me an email or
a voicemail the email address is feedback Chris or go to Chris voicemail and your input helps me create better content for the show
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the next episode of the show is going to be episode number 225 and I think my
goal is to release this on May 28th because I still want to make sure you get two episodes here in the month of
May so look for the next episode a week from today on May 28th
what I'm going to talk about ah you'll have to tune in but that'll be in episode 225.
as I said at the top of the episode I have another announcement and this is a
different look for the podcast this summer for July and August 2023 I
am going to go on a hiatus I'm gonna release an episode after iste and then I will come back in September I
got a lot going on this summer and I have to give my full attention to what I'm doing this summer
but don't worry there's a whole back catalog of stuff to listen to so I hope you do that as well and I'll remind you
again after iste until next time thanks for learning with me and remember using
technology isn't difficult just give it a try [Music]
hey real quick don't forget if you're going to be in Philly for iste go RSVP
for The Cheesesteak Meetup see you next time