Aug. 16, 2022

Elementary #EdTech with Dani Romero - HoET206

Elementary #EdTech with Dani Romero - HoET206

Dani Romero is a House of #EdTech Superfan! We talk about education technology in the elementary classroom.

Feedback & Shout Outs (1:18)

I recently appeared on Overthrowing Education, hosted by Batsheva Frankel! Episode 79: Chris Nesi: Ed Tech-Past, Present and Future

EdTech Thought (2:56)

It's all about how you treat people.

EdTech Recommendation (6:52)

9 Google Drive Tips

  1. Shortcuts for Simple Access
  2. Move Files Via Cut and Paste
  3. Get a Quick Link
  4. Install Drive on the Desktop
  5. Added File Types to the Bookmark Bar
  6. Drag and Drop Into Drive
  7. Access Drive Files Offline
  8. Use Offline Files While Mobile
  9. Save Anything You Find to Google Drive

Featured Content (13:27)

Daniela Romero is always looking for ways to channel her creativity and ways to make a difference in her community. She has taught all over the world and she's currently a grade 5 teacher and future after-school Spanish Club Lead!


  • How Dani got into education
  • Role of technology in her elementary classroom
  • Why she creates content on social media in Spanish

Just Give It A Try (34:05)

Jesus Morales (Email) - I believe I have heard in your podcasts that you are not a big fan of Anchor.FM. Can you give me some insight on why? I like Twitter Spaces, but the downloading part is a bit time-consuming and not easy to do. I feel with Anchor.FM our team can do a live show, bring people in as guest hosts, and still easily download the file. What other program do you recommend similar to these two?

My response: Check out to archive and easily download your Twitter Spaces.

House of #EdTech VIP (40:12)

Miriam Richard - Digital Learning Specialist | Leveraging Technology to ensure learner success! Ulrich Intermediate and Krahn Elementary | Klein ISD

Jen Kisior - Google Certified Coach | #GoogleEC | Dynamic Learning Project Coach | Everfi Teacher Ambassador | Disney Addict | Mom | Runner | Owner ADC Publishing & Design






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Daniela Romero Profile Photo

Daniela Romero

Teacher surviving through humour and coffee

Born in beautiful Honduras and raised around the world but mostly in colorful Mexico!
I am always looking for ways to channel my creativity and ways to make a difference in my community. Education was it!
After living in 3 countries I moved to Canada to study Sociology and Psychology, always with a focus on education. I then moved to Japan to teach english. I decided then I wanted to do a masters in education but this time in Spanish!
I worked started as a teacher assistant at a wonderful school. My best friend, now husband moved to Mexico, we got married and had two beautiful children. 15 years passed and now I was a 2nd grade teacher and the Technology Integration Specialist for Elementary. One summer while we visiting my husbands family in Canada, we decided it was time to move to Canada. It has been 2 years now and I am a grade 5 teacher and future after school Spanish Club Lead!
I am a teacher/parent/partner who survived the “terrible you know what” pandemic. And last but not least… a House of Edtech fan!