Oct. 26, 2019

Digital Escape Rooms with Mandi Tolen - HoET143

Digital Escape Rooms with Mandi Tolen - HoET143

What does a teacher need to consider if they want to use digital escape rooms with their students?

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  • Bryon Carpenter shared feedback while walking in the rain!
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  • I first talked about SY back on the 2019 HOET Final Four in episode 130 — https://chrisnesi.com/2019-house-of-edtech-final-four-hoet130 — but I need to talk about it again! As you may or may not be away Google Hangouts On-Air went away earlier this year taking away the ease of live-streaming to YT. A lot of people would use this method for streaming conversations and creating other types of video content. Many people would conduct webinars this way.
  • So what is SY?
    • StreamYard is a live video production tool in your browser. There are no downloads and you don’t need anything other than a computer with a mic and camera to get going.
  • To get started,
    • Launch Chrome or another supported browser, like Firefox or Opera.
    • Sign up for StreamYard if you haven’t already
    • Connect a destination to stream to
    • Create a broadcast and go live
    • That’s all you need to get started!
  • You can have 6 people in the stream. Up to 10 people can enter the broadcast studio so you can swap people in and out if you’re doing a dynamic talk show.
  • Guests do not have to login or signup. Anyone with the link can join and no login of any kind is required.
  • You can stream to:
    • Facebook profiles
    • Facebook Groups you’re an Admin for
    • YouTube
    • Periscope
  • If you pay you can stream to multiple destinations.

Featured Content

Creating and Using Digital Escape Rooms

Mandi Tolen – HS Math T from Missouri who recently published How to create a digital escape room for your class or PD as a guest post on DitchThatTextbook.com about Digital Escape Rooms and I jumped at the chance to have her on the podcast to talk with you and me about digital escape rooms which I want to use in my classroom and you might too!

We discuss:

  • What is a digital escape room?
  • What grade-levels and subject areas is this appropriate for?
  • What types of learning will students experience?
  • What does a teacher need to consider if they want to use digital escape rooms with their students?

Connect with Mandi Tolen:

Resources Mentioned:

Just Give It A Try

Jennifer Conti (Kent, OH) – Jennifer shares her recent experience using Adobe Express to teach figurative language and how she also used Padlet to have students generate peer feedback!

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Kali Ervin – Earned her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education through Western Kentucky University, and she’s currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Library Media Education with an Instructional Technology Emphasis. Kali also holds a certificate in American Sign Language. Level 1 & 2 Google Certified Educator and Trainer as well as an Apple Educator

Digital Learning Coach (DLC) serves 6 Elementary Schools as well as several Central Office Staff. She absolutely loves using instructional technology and loves helping others do the same!







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