Feb. 2, 2019

Bringing Podcasts Into My Classroom with DonorsChoose.org - HoET127

Bringing Podcasts Into My Classroom with DonorsChoose.org - HoET127

I share my Donors Choose Story for Podcasting in Class!

#EdTech Continuation

  • FIRST NEW SEGMENT in the history of the podcast!
  • In episode 126 I shared some great must-have chrome extensions!
  • Well, so many people responded with additional recommendations I wanted to continue the conversation and share them with you! Here we go…
    • Wakelet – buistbunch (IG)
      • Save any webpage, anywhere.
      • Whether it’s an interactive guide to a topic you’re passionate about or simply a set of must-read links to send to a friend, Wakelet helps you collect content from across the web and make it look great.
      • In just a couple of clicks, you can save and organize links to articles, videos, tweets, and anything else on the Internet.
    • Insert Learning – ajbianco (IG)
      • Insert instructional content on any web page
      • InsertLearning saves teachers and students time while keeping students engaged.
      • Teachers can insert questions, discussions, and insight directly into any website.
      • When students go to that website, they can respond to those questions and discussions, see that insight, and take their own notes.
      • Use InsertLearning to turn any website into an interactive learning experience!
      • https://insertlearning.com
    • Bitly – jpprezz (IG)
      • Shorten, measure, and optimize your links.
      • The Bitly Chrome extension is fully integrated with your Bitly account. Copy, customize, and share your links straight from your browser!
    • Tab Scissors & Tab Glue – edtechtosa & aubreydiorio (IG)
      • This extension splits a window into two at the selected tab.
      • This simple tab organization tool divides one window into two.
      • If you have at least two tabs in the selected Chrome window, it will split that window into two smaller side-by-side windows. All the tabs on the left side of the selected tab will stay in the left window, and the rest will move to the window on the right.
      • It is especially helpful for those who have lots of tabs opened at a time.
      • This extension works great with Tab Glue (http://bit.ly/WjGnm7), which will glue all those pesky Chrome windows back together.
    • Thanks to theeagerteacher, sfecich (IG) for also liking ones I mentioned in the episode!

#EdTech Recommendation

  • Today I want to recommend PicMonkey!
    • PicMonkey is a perfect choice for people who are just learning to edit photos, or just want to do basic photo editing.
    • PicMonkey is free and allows you to edit photos without having to register – just drop in a photo and you can begin to edit and when you’re done you can save it right back to your computer.
    • You can crop, resize, or rotate as well as adjust the brightness, contrast or sharpness, add different filters and effects, as well as add text.
    • The interface is easy to use as the tools are laid out in a simple way.
    • Besides basic photo editing, you can also create collages choosing from a number of layouts.
  • PicMonkey is freemium so you can pay to get more advanced features.
  • You can try PicMonkey by going to picmonkey.com

Featured Content

  • I share my Donors Choose Story
  • Donors
    • Ryan Mitchell
    • Stephen Hurley
    • Eric Guise
    • Leslie Guarino 
    • 1 Anonymous Donor
      • “This project has been brought to life thanks to support from An Anonymous Arts Funder, who believes that every child should have access to essential art materials and experiences. An education in the arts makes children well-rounded, engaged, and active citizens of the world.”
  • So What?
  • What’s the Plan?
  • How will students benefit?

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