March 18, 2019

More Content Ideas for Classroom Podcasts

More Content Ideas for Classroom Podcasts

In January 2017 I published a blog post titled, "Content Ideas For Your Classroom Podcast" and it was the beginning of my evangelical journey to get schools, teachers, and students creating podcasts. We're now two years removed from this original post and I have more content ideas for you and the content you create!

1. Record to Reteach

Have students record content that can be used to reteach their future selves. This could be used to review for unit assessments or for mid-terms and final exams. For students of any age, this content could be used as a supplemental resource in subsequent years.

2. Student-Led Conference Record

If your school utilizes the student-led conference model students can create content around their learning to document their progress and this type of content could be shared on an ongoing basis with parents.

3. Learning a World Language

One of the keys for me learning Spanish in high school was being pushed to speak Spanish by my teachers. The opportunities to speak were limited but if I had the ability to record myself speaking and had the chance to listen to myself regularly or listen to my classmates I am sure my experience would have been that much better.

4. Autobiographies

As a social studies teacher, I constantly talk with my students about their story and the life story they are writing day by day. Audio journaling would be a valuable recommendation because self-reflection is a valuable skill that otherwise is difficult to teach in the confines of the school setting.

5. Create Audiobooks

Older students can record stories for younger students in a school or district and this content could be used to help struggling readers. Even having students record themselves reading for their own growth would be valuable.

6. Roleplay Interviews

Every school subject has influential historical figures who shaped the discipline and students could conduct mock interviews or role-play interviews with these people.

7. Daily Podcast for School News

I'm doing this right now with my high school students! We're using Spreaker to broadcast live during our advisory time which is between the first and second period. I have a google form that people use to submit their announcements and then the resulting spreadsheet is shared with the students who need to see it so they can read the announcements.

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8. Passion Project Podcast

Some students who are asked to write a blog for a passion project may find more value in creating a podcast around their project reflection.

9. Book Reviews

If you're a library media specialist you may have had students write book reviews. Consider having students create podcast episodes about the books they are reading. Books talks with multiple students would encourage collaboration and communication about what they are enjoying from the stacks!

10. What's your idea?

Leave a comment down below with your ideas for what students, teachers, and a school could podcast about.


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