Feb. 28, 2017

7 Benefits of a Classroom or School Podcast

7 Benefits of a Classroom or School Podcast

In case you haven't noticed, I am quite passionate about podcasts! I enjoy both creating and consuming podcast content and can't imagine my life without either since podcasting became a part of my life in 2014.

Over the last three years, I've worked very hard to build my own podcast and the community that goes with it and I now want to help others do the same. The benefits that audio podcasting has offered me encourage me to help you see the value and launch a podcast of your own for your classroom or school.

Benefits of a Classroom or School Podcast

Reach your target audience.

A school-based podcast can have multiple target audiences. A podcast for your classes may be targeted towards just your students, but certainly, family members may find value in the content you're sharing as well.

If the podcast is for the entire school then you would be targeting your school community which can include the entire district and local town. But don't stop there! A school/district podcast can make your district shine worldwide! So many wonderful things happen in your school and you should want to share your great kid's work and staff with the world.

Listen anytime, anywhere.

Audio podcasts can be consumed just about anywhere. Since content is streamed or downloaded your listeners aren't bound by time to listen at a certain time or be in a specific place. You just need to focus on creating the content and your audience will decide their best time to listen.

No Screen Time.

Many teachers and schools have gone the route of creating a YouTube channel for their content. Creating in any medium is great for our students and community. But, YouTube is VAST content source and discoverability can be challenging. This is especially difficult for teachers and schools. If this is the route you've gone you're also asking your audience to be focused on their screen.

Audio podcasts allow the listener to do other things while consuming your content.

Audio vs Video Production.

The simple fact is that audio is MUCH easier to edit than video. Just remember that it is important to record quality audio. You know the old saying about perfume and poo...

The industry standard for the time it takes to edit audio is a 4:1 ratio -- four minutes of work for every one minute of content. The means a well-presented one-hour episode could take five hours in total (four hours of preparation or post-production, one hour of presenting).

Almost Everyone Has Access.

There are almost, if not more than, 1 BILLION smartphones in the world. Many of these devices are in the hands of our students and school family members. Whether your audience has Apple, Android, or something else they can listen to your podcast.

Check out these podcast app recommendations.

Build Relationships.

Your classroom or school podcast can help you develop valuable connections. A podcast can foster connections with other educators in your area of study or grade level and with other schools who are interested in sharing and collaborating with.

You can develop a better relationship with your students and classroom families and your school can be more connected to the community too.

Control and Share Your Message.

Branding is critical in education. If you're not telling your story that means someone can or already is. An audio podcast can be the definitive source for your class and school events. Celebrate the accomplishments of staff and students with interviews and great blog posts that capture the attention of whoever you're reaching.

Whether you decide to start an audio podcast for your class or school it's up to you. But if you're unsure of the success you may or may not have remember that you will reach nobody and your rate of failure will be 100% if you don't try.

You've got nothing to lose but so much to gain.

If you need any help launching your classroom or school podcast please feel free to contact me because I'd love to help!