Dec. 1, 2016

10 Segment Ideas For Your Classroom Podcast

10 Segment Ideas For Your Classroom Podcast

Is your classroom podcast in need of a refresh? Are you still planning your classroom podcast? You and your students should consider segmenting each episode. Segments give you ways in which you can break up the content, have some fun with your podcast and experiment with new topics. Here are 10 ideas for podcast segments you can start right now!

1. Guest
Fantastic for podcasts looking for a good way to interact with their audience, as well as showing new listeners that there is an active community to be a part of.

2. Random fact
Find a random fact about your podcast topic. Make it short and sweet - a good quick way to break up an episode.

3. Recent review
Do you receive reviews from your listeners? Share one in each episode - an awesome way to encourage others to do the same for you without begging for one.

4. Topical news
Is there news relevant to your podcast? New apps, tools, and news stories come up every day - this may be a good way to stay current with your area of interest.

5. Q&A
Encourage your listeners to submit questions to your podcast. Answer a couple of  randomly selected questions in each episode.

6. Inspiring quote
Everyone loves a good quote! This is a great way to end an episode. It's a nice to leave people with their own thoughts and share your own.

7. Great tool
Anything that can help your listeners, based on your topic, that they may have not yet heard of? Share a tool and ideas. Nothing beats practical advice.

8. Time travel
Perfect for podcasts with many episodes already, a good way to link back to previous content. Look back at a specific episode and have a short reflection on what has changed since.

9. Social media hijinx
Start a hashtag for your podcast and read out messages from people who used it. This could be fun and be encouraging to others to engage with your podcast.

10. Book review/recommendation
Podcast listeners are typically book readers as well. This is a good way to discover some interesting reads yourself.

Do you have other types of segments in your podcast that work for you? Share them in the comments below!

This post was adapted from an email originally sent by Music Radio Creative.