July 2, 2017

Assistive Technology with Mike Marotta and Brian Friedlander - HoET089

Assistive Technology with Mike Marotta and Brian Friedlander - HoET089

Brian Friedlander and Mike Marotta, two of New Jersey's finest education minds, lead us in a conversation centered around assistive technology.

Feedback, Shoutouts, and Links

  • Stella Pollard attended ISTE 2017 and shared her learning!
  • Derek Larson was on the ground at ISTE 2017 representing the podcast and you can look forward to my ISTE Review episode coming up later this summer!

#EdTech Thought

  • Makerdads
  • Connect with Joe Mazza
  • Statistics show high school and college students are entering the workforce in jobs relating to STREAM (Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Arts, Music) at an unprecedented pace. New research studies identify empathy as today’s most sought after leadership trait. MakerDads is about supporting fathers everywhere to step up and create real-life, low-cost learning experiences for their kids from day one of their parenting careers.
  • Some examples of the kind of high-tech opportunities MakerDads will facilitate include coding, virtual reality fitness events and 3D printing rooted in literacy. Kids, together with dads, will use evolving technologies to unpack how literacy, culture, empathy, humility, and science impact their world and are vital ingredients to success in and out of school.

#EdTech Recommendation

  • Book Creator
  • Book Creator is open-ended, creative and cross-curriculum, and is one of the most popular iPad apps for teachers across the world.
  • Now it’s available in Chrome!
  • Developed a web-based version of Book Creator to bring simple ebook creation to even more students and teachers.
  • This new version will allow you to create books on any device. And it will be as fully featured as the iPad version, plus more.
    • Add text, images, drawings, shapes, audio, and video.
    • Create awesome comics with built-in comic templates.
    • Publish and share your books online with our new web-based reader.
    • Work collaboratively and combine books from multiple authors.
    • Access all your books on any device.
  • That last one is huge. Imagine students working on a book using their Chromebook at school, then getting home and grabbing their iPad to finish it.
  • So, Unleash creativity
  • Give students or yourself a blank canvas and a simple set of tools and see how Book Creator can be used.
  • Join the #BookCreator Twitter chat every other Thursday.

Featured Content

Brian Friedlander and Mike Marotta, two of New Jersey’s finest education minds, lead us in a conversation centered around assistive technology.

Mike runs his own technology consulting firm, Inclusive Technology Solutions, LLC. As an evaluator, Mike works collaboratively with teams in all environments (school, workplace, and community) to effectively match individuals to appropriate technology supports.
Brian consults with many school districts in New Jersey and has taught thousands of educators how to utilize the tools and methodologies of mind mapping to improve learning in the classroom. He is also a consultant in private practice in the area of assistive technology.

Dr. Friedlander’s blog: assistivetek.blogspot.com

Resources Mentioned:

House of #EdTech VIP

STELLA POLLARD – Stella is a middle school teacher at Bondurant Middle School in Frankfort, KY and she teaches 7th Grade Science. Her district is 1:1 and she uses technology in many lessons. She’s also a Google Certified teacher.

Connect with Stella Pollard:






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