Thursday, March 27, 2014

Home Improvement | A Bathroom For B

Since we moved out of our house, and in with my MiL, I haven't had as many opportunities for home improvement projects. While living in our own place I enjoyed doing projects around the house and learning how to do different jobs myself. The only things I've been able to do in our new residence was update all the electrical outlets and light switches in our bedroom. I felt this was necessary with the existing outlets being over 30 years old with layers upon layers of paint having built up on them too.

My MiL sister lives less than a mile away and she has some visions for her home now that her oldest child is preparing to not only move out, but move a few states away, and her younger child is transitioning back home with his better half and young child. Since I am always one to want to help I have previously offered my handyman abilities to her and she finally requested my help.

The Mission...

  • Replace 2 kitchen outlets with GFCI
  • Replace 1 bathroom's GFCI and light switch
  • Remove in-wall medicine cabinet, repair wall, add GFCI outlet

What I Did...


In the kitchen my AiL did not have GFCI outlets along her kitchen counter. So I picked up two brown outlets and face plates along with an old construction outlet box for one of the outlets. One of the outlets was in an area with brick facing on the wall and that outlet opening needed to be widened to accommodate the new outlet box.

The trouble I ran into was in navigating the home circuit breaker. My AiL's son was working the box for me and at one point in the project I couldn't get the power to work on this particular outlet and the reason was we kept flipping the wrong breaker switch. We had a good laugh but I was nervous because I was starting to panic and think my AiL would need to call in a pro.

The end result was a successful installation of 2 GFCI outlets and safety in the kitchen!

Bathroom #1

In the bathroom I needed to remove the existing GFCI/light switch combo and replace the box. This was simple and took about 6 minutes to remove and rewire and install the new box!

The end result was a GFCI that wasn't pulling away from the wall and was now usable!

Bathroom #2

I've gotten very good at taping and mudding so this was the most fun task I took on.

I removed the existing medicine cabinet/light combo from the wall which left a whole that was 27.5 x 22.5. My AiL said she would just put a large mirror over the whole; joking of course! I initially looked for a new in-wall unit to replace the old and I would simply add a GFCI just to the right of the unit. Well a 30 yr old medicine cabinet is an irreplaceable treasure. So I recommended that I fill in the hole and she get a mirror to which she agreed.

I added some new 2x4's in the wall to frame and support new drywall. Part of the process included the accommodation of running the existing wiring to where the new outlet would be. The outlet installed very easily and the drywall had no issues and the tape and mud job was superior!

Here's the finished result...

Mission Accomplished!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

#Fatherhood | Miles' 2nd Birthday

Two years ago Miles James entered my life and forever changed it! Looking back he was the sunshine that my life needed two years ago and the sun has been shining for two years!

Thank you Miles for helping me create wonderful memories that I will always cherish!

Here is your 2nd year in photos...

Here is your first birthday.

I love you Miles!
Happy 2nd Birthday :-)

Monday, January 13, 2014

Christopher J. Nesi | Welcome to 2014!

WOW! Where did the last year go? I'm only 13 days into 2014 and I can't help but reflect on the events of the past year.

The highlights...
  • Miles celebrated his 1st Birthday! To celebrate this special day Mommy and Daddy took him to the Camden Aquarium and he also went out for a special dinner!
  • I got to take some really cool day trips during my summer break from school! They included trips to WFAN radio and ABC TV (which I still need to blog about...Oops!)
  • Katelyn and I celebrated our 6th anniversary!
The SUPER highlights...
  • We sold our house! Now that the sale is more than 3-days old I can safely say that Operation Escape 60 Acres was a success! The new owners can now deal with all the hell my family put up with for the last eight years. I can say now that we lived on the worst street in the worst development in Jackson and later this year I will post a full reflection.
  • Professionally, I had the opportunity to present at a few conferences during the month of October and I continue to grow and expand my professional knowledge, community, and love for technology in teaching.
I don't know what surprises will arrive in 2014 but I am looking forward to Miles' 2nd Birthday, completing my MA at Caldwell, and enjoying another season of Yankees baseball, along with celebrating my 7th wedding anniversary and continuing the adventure of living with my MiL. :-)

Friday, December 20, 2013

A Final Goodbye to Our First Home! We did it! | From @katenesi's Blog

The linked post is courtesy of my wife, Katelyn. She's does an AWESOME job on her blog!

Yesterday, we closed on the selling of our first home and this Katelyn's post about it. The pictures are great and they capture the transformation of what we bout as an empty, white washed condo and turned into a home that I brought my bride home to and toured as the first home of our first son Miles.

From my perspective, the last 8 years taught me many lessons about home ownership and life! There isn't a home project I am afraid to attempt or at least learn more about if Katelyn says I'm not allowed to do it ;-)

The life lessons would have been that much tough to deal with and work through if I didn't have a place to call home and a place I could escape for just a little before facing the world again.

Now we enter into a period of time where we don't have debt. No more mortgage. No student loans. No car loans. No credit card debt.

We are fortunate enough to have a great support system in place and I also get a long great with my mother-in-law, which is who we now live with. The saving and search is on to find our forever home.

We don't know where we will land or what this home will be when we get there but I can say this...

We will never forget our first.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Where Have I Been? | #LostBlogger

Well I haven't posted anything in over a month and that is a bad job on my part.

October was a very busy month for me as I had the opportunity to present at 3 different education conferences - so professionally I was on tour! But that shouldn't serve as an excuse, but it will have to do!

I fell off the wagon with T25. It wasn't because it was hard, but things just kept coming up and I lost my focus on my goals. I don't know if I will ever get to 200 lbs again but I will be damned if I stop trying.

Starting on Monday, Katelyn and I will recommit ourselves to the T25 fitness program and we will also be making some changes in our diets so we at least have half a chance of succeeding. Katelyn always talks about our diet being 90% of what will make the real difference in changing how we look and ultimately feel about ourselves.

I think she is right but I don't believe I could make the necessary changes on my own - thank goodness I have her! She is going to take the lead on designing our meal plans and I will continue to be active in the kitchen making these recipes come to life!

I am going to commit to posting at least weekly about all that is going on physically. Pictures will be included because that will help motivate me more.

If you're a regular reader I would love to see some comments and encouragement as I make this happen - for real!