House of #EdTech

Excellent podcast; real, teacher-focused, no BS. Love it.

Mr. Nesi brings it together really well. This podcast is more than teachers talking to teachers. It's more than technologists talking to technologists. It's well organized, follows a great structure, packs a lot in, and is entertaining. Specifically, each episode has practical, teacher-focused interviews with great guests, recommendations for tools and services for teachers, an #EdTech VIP, discount codes, announcements, and show notes posted online.

Years ago I taught middle school and now I run an innovation and design agency in California. At work, we decided to ramp up on everything going on in edtech so we can follow our hearts and start working with more education-related clients. This podcast was exactly what we needed. I listened to the first two years back to back. Now I'm plowing through the third year. Keep up the great work, Mr. Nesi!

Jan. 3, 2017 by CPinSF1969 on Apple Podcasts

House of #EdTech